Frequently Asked Questions


Can I get a quote over the phone? 


Yes! We do not have limitations to room sizes and the majority of quotes can be provided over the phone. 


Do I need to move all of the furniture out of the room for carpet cleans?


No! It is entirely up to you how clear you want the rooms before we clean the carpets. The majority of our customers prefer us to work around heavy furniture. We do use protectors under each foot of sofa's etc to prevent colour transfer while the carpet is drying. 

We're not brave enough to move TV's (including stands), mirrors, high value items or breakables. We are happy to discuss which items can be moved or cleaned around.


What qualifications do you have to clean my carpets? 


CC&CS staff are industry trained technicians, having completed the Prochem Professional Carpet Cleaning course. 

Only 5% of carpet cleaners currently charging people to clean carpets are qualified to do so. You can be rest assured that we are within the 5%. Our staff will clean your carpet to the industry approved standard using professional equipment and professional chemicals.


Can you stain proof my carpet? 


Urban myth. There is no way to stain proof a carpet but, there are ways to make your carpet more stain resistant depending on fibre type. Natural fibre can be treated, there is no real need to treat synthetic fibres like polypropalin as it is already stain resistant.

We can treat your carpet with products to prevent most stains penetrating the fibres, giving you time to pat off the offending substance. The best time to treat your carpet is when it is first layed or after it has been professionally cleaned. 


How long does it take for carpets to dry?


Bit of string! Again it depends on the absorbancy of the fibres in your carpet, method used to clean it and how soiled it was. A guide to an abstraction clean is approx. 3-12 hours. If required we can help reduce the drying times by using a air agitator (big fan) to speed up the process. There are things you can do like leave the windows open, heating on and clear furniture out of the room. The carpets will only be very slightly damp upon completion so you are able to walk on them without getting wet feet!


Eco friendly products, really???
Prochem have produced a natural range which feature environmentally friendly phosphate free formulations coupled with all natural fragrances including lemongrass, eucalyptus and tea tree as well as lavender, orange and peppermint in the new Natural Carpet Deodoriser. Prochem Natural products are free of dyes, synthetic fragrances, EDTA and NTA and contain only ingredients considered safe for the environment. Natural Range formulations conform to the USA EPA “Design for Environment” guidelines. Carpet cleaning products are WoolSafe approved for the maintenance of wool carpets and rugs. Containers are made from recyclable naturalpolyethylene and outer cartons use recycled fibreboard. We will only use these products upon request as we will need to specially order these in. 


Can you guarantee to remove a stain if I call you out? 
Sadly, no.
We will deploy our best equipment and use the best products for the stain but simply there can never be any guarantee of a result. The results of stain removal will depend on the nature of the stain, longevity of the stain, fibres of the carpet etc. We will assess the stain and agree with you the way forward.
Some examples of common problems.....
"I've spilt some hair dye on my carpet" 
"We had a party last night and there's a weird stain in the hall"
"My toddler has ingrained crayon into the carpet"
"Help! I've just kicked over a glass of wine"
"There are some black lines around the edge of my carpet which won't hoover out"
"I'm a landlord and have just had a tenant check out - the place stinks of cigarettes. I think its ingrained in the carpets, can you help?"